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So why have I got a page named 'UFO's'? Simply because in 1979 and 1981, in the company of friends, I witnessed objects in the night sky that I have never been able to explain. I was later a member of the Royal Observer Corps aircraft recognition team, at my peak one of the top scoring recognition people in Europe, and I've got the trophies to prove it.

1979 sighting

Approx 2100 hrs on Wednesday 21st November 1979 in the company of two others, star-gazing on a hill overlooking Swansea Bay, we spotted a bright eliptical object with a vertical orientation in the distance over the Gower peninsula / Carmarthen Bay. We watched it through binoculars for over 15 minutes, as it rotated gradually to a horizontal orientation and then faded to a dot as if receding from us. Direction was south-west of us, distance hard to judge as no idea of object size, but clouds passed between us and the object.

The object was very bright, matching the flames from the then-operational BP Llandarcy refinery, but it had a sharply defined edge (not flickering like a flame) and had a dark dividing line running lengthwise.

1981 sighting

Spring 1981 was camping in the Afan Valley using a bivvy bag rather than a tent so I could see the night sky. Quite late in the night as I was trying to get to sleep, I saw a bright red light silently crossing the sky at high altitude. It was joined by two other red lights that coverged with it (approaching in a 'V' shape), forming a single point of light, which then accelerated out of view. As I watched it go the guy in the next sleeping bag said to me 'Did you just see that too?'. I said 'Yes'... he said 'Good!'...

So what did I see? I really don't know. I frequently watched airliners and military aircraft including air refuelling tankers fly past, but none ever moved so quickly, or merged to a single point of red light. These objects made no sound. As far as I am aware there were no technologies that behaved in such a way available at that time, nearly 30 years ago.

UFO related links

Major Donald Keyhoe wrote some of the earliest books about the modern UFO phenomenon, and although the Major passed away in 1988 his archives were saved and are preserved by Richard Hall in the USA - see http://www.hallrichard.com/keyhoe.htm

It's noticeable that there was a lot of UFO activity in West Wales in the late 1970's, indeed the area was dubbed for a while the 'Welsh Triangle'. See http://www.ufoencounters.co.uk/the-dyfed-mystery.html for an article - there are many others on the web if you type Welsh Triangle as a search phrase.

So I keep an open mind. I've been lucky enough to have seen things I cannot explain with my own eyes, and the other witnesses are still alive and can back-up the story. Who knows what mysteries are kept from us - are these objects highly classified technologies, or are they something far more extraordinary? I hope one day we will know the truth. Watch the Skies!